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Gold Rush: Stories of Big Mines and a Little Town Named Malartic

The board of directors and the staff of the Malartic Mineralogical Museum proudly present the virtual exhibit: Gold rush: Stories of Big Mines and a Little Town Called Malartic. This virtual exhibit is presented on the Community Stories website in collaboration with the Department of Canadian Heritage.

This virtual tour objectively and chronologically highlights the mining events that took place in the community of Malartic over the course of its 80-year existence, leading to the construction and development of our small mining town that still holds traces of a boomtown. Numerous events, including two gold rushes. Presented within the context of two eras and from different perspectives, it aims to demystify the mining sector, present new technologies and the benefits this industry provides. 

The virtual tour includes 30 pages, over 45 photos, 28 descriptions, a video and captions that explain its contents.

This virtual tour is inspired by the book Malartic, a Look at 75 Years of History, published by the Museum as part of the 75- year anniversary celebrations of Malartic in 2013.

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This virtual exhibit was inspired by the book Malartic, a look at 75 years of history, created by the museum during the 75th anniversary of the municipality of Malartic in 2013.

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