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Until April 2019

Since the dawn of time , gemstones fascinate us. These minerals have special qualities (hardness, transparency, resistance to weathering, shine, color, scarcity, etc.) and are cut for their beauty. They are often imitated and it is difficult to recognize them once on jewelry and jewelry.

 But what is Gemstone? How is it formed? Is a gemstone only mineral? How many shapes, sizes, and shiny are there? Why are they so precious?

 During the fun survey, the exhibition Gemmes, or not? will bring the visitor to better know the raw minerals from which the cut stones are extracted, the tools of the gemologist and some rudiments to differentiate true from false. Eventually, the visitor will decide if a certain object has a real gemstone or junk.


The Abitibi-Temiscamingue presents a geology and regional mining project exhibit as well as minerals from around the world.

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Gemstones or Not? Scientific Investigation until 2019, April.

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This virtual exhibit was inspired by the book Malartic, a look at 75 years of history, created by the museum during the 75th anniversary of the municipality of Malartic in 2013.

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